I am pretty much screwed

During a fascinating teacher meeting this morning, I somehow managed to plan a test for my AP students, read and approve a script, and make a list of eight more things to do before lunch (not including typing said test, which I’m giving tomorrow morning).

Guess how many of those eight things I got finished? ONE. Guess which one that was? “blog setup” So I suppose the morning wasn’t a total wash, but it does mean that I still have copies to make, a test to write, over 100 photo essays to grade, and two absences to “call” in.

In the meantime, I’m SUPER LOOKING FORWARD to an afternoon of hearing 18 year olds bitch about having to read “Stranger in the Village” by James Robinson – probably one of the best personal reflective essays I’ve ever read. They have been in school for 13 years now. When are they going to realize that complaining about reading really doesn’t make anyone let you stop reading. It’s English class for goodness’ sake. You’re reading in GROUPS. Get over yourselves.


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  1. Angelika tagged me, and now I am tagging you, because I think it is great that you started a blog!!

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