Why do they think I’m stupid?

Today during my after-lunch class, this conversation took place after I saw a student get up during a group assignment to turn in his homework (that I saw him working on just 10 minutes before) an hour late (I don’t accept late work for credit).

Him: “what? I didn’t know we turned it in.”

Me: “Maybe if you got to class on time, you’d know.”

Him: “Yeah. I was only like four minutes late.”

Me (after a look that pretty much said, you DUMBASS!): “I just wonder how much of that you had done when you got here and how much you just did.”

Him (indignant! how dare I accuse!): “I just pulled it out of my book!”

Me: “No, you didn’t.  Just put it in the trash.”

Him (under breath): “whatever.  so stupid.”

NO, pumpkin.  You are stupid.  I saw you.  You lied to me.  You are tardy every. single. day.  You need a haircut.  I have a headache.  You AREN’T GOING TO WIN.

As an added bonus, it’s one less paper to grade tomorrow.  🙂


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