I have a nasty addiction

to celebrity gossip. Perez is bookmarked on my computer. I love gossip magazines so much that my husband wonders why I just don’t actually subscribe to People and US Weekly since I buy them all the time.

Usually, this is just a summer addiction – hey, you gotta entertain yourself SOMEhow on weekend nights at the Renaissance Fair – but lately I find myself stopping for them more often.  Yesterday, I went to Wal-Mart and resisted the urge, telling myself that if the homecoming dance went off without a hitch, I would reward myself today.  That’s right – I’m making DEALS with myself to get them.  The dance DID have hitches, but I stopped anyway, telling myself that I needed some brain candy for tomorrow’s day off from school.

Ya know, if I didn’t teach AP Literature, I probably wouldn’t beat myself up about this.  But how can you seriously tell students that Harry Potter is not literature while you’re sucking up the latest about Nicole Ritchie leaving Joel Madden, taking that cute little Harlow?


1 Comment

  1. Nicole left Joel?!?!? Oh noes!!! 😦 I liked him.

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