And now I’m pissed

because i just spent time completely rewriting TWICE this long venting post and it won’t save and it won’t publish. 

I hate school today.



  1. Sounds like you and I are having the same kind of day. Have a glass of wine for me tonight.

  2. Boo hiss to farking stuff that won’t save. So since you’re a celeb junkie tell me this: if Pink and Cory Hart had a friendly break up (according to a CW) why is her new single so hatin’? It’s funny, she sounds like Avril Levine more and more to me.
    I can’t wait to see your family pics!

    I was in a 10-12 hs and think it was much better than the 9-12, but I hope you get your opportunity!

  3. ::waves excuse note::

    Sorry I haven’t commented before, can I have my gold star now? :op

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