Tonight in my mailbox

I really love getting the mail.  I’m sort of addicted to it.  Even if we are coming home at an ungodly hour, I will stop for the mail.  I always got the mail in high school, I’ve always picked up the mail as an adult…it’s odd.  I really can’t explain it.  I guess it’s because there are so many possibilities!  And days like today!

After working until 9 tonight at a volleyball game, I stopped at the mailbox.  Slid my key into #2, opened slowly…slid my hand inside to find….a package!  Whee!  And a card!  A personal one – not just junk mail!  Opened them both to find OUR FAMILY PICS FROM SUSAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and a really nice card and note and bookmark from my nestie secret angel congratulating me on Homecoming!  What a night!

I’m uploading my pics as we speak…I will have a link tomorrow.  Or maybe tonight.  🙂

And by the way?  I can’t BELIEVE  how hard it is to get a smiling picture of Ryan.  When she’s an old lady she will think she only EVER made funny faces.  They are distinctively Ryan, however.  And Megan?  Still a stunning little model.  From whom did these beautiful children come?



  1. Confession: I, too, am addicted to mail.

  2. Those pictures are so great!!

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