It’s already Sunday night?

So I have to go back to school tomorrow?  Really?  *sigh*  At least I’m off Friday.  Let me rephrase – I’m taking Friday off because our daycare is closed.  Four day weeks are lovely.

First, let me say, THE CHIEFS BEAT THE BRONCOS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is a BIG BIG BIG BIG DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a good weekend.  I went to Denver yesterday and had the BEST BURGER EVER at Elway’s in Cherry Creek with my dear friend Kerry.  Seriously so good.  Then we had wonderful pedicures and I had a last minute eyebrow wax.  My LORD did I need that!  I had almost forgotten that I had eyelids.  I looked like Brooke Shields, circa 1978.  Not so good.  I wanted to do some shopping at Cherry Creek Mall, but I resisted the temptation.  Do you understand how difficult this was?  I drove past it TWICE and didn’t stop.

Today, Ryan and I went out for an afternoon of girl time – shopping!  She wanted to ride in her stroller.  I really should have said no; I mean, she’s the size of a kindergarten kid riding around in a stroller?!?!?  But it’s just so much easier to not have to hold on to her, to worry about her messing with things, the stroller gives me a great place to stash the stuff I buy…people were giving us some odd looks though, so it might be time to let the stroller go.  I managed to find some really good deals on clothes and shoes for the girls and some pants for Jesse and as usual, came home with nothing for me.  I’ll have to remind myself of my reluctance tomorrow when I’m trying to figure out what to wear and can’t find anything.  Damnitall, I should have bought that really cute orange sweater.  I did, however, visit the Yankee Candle store and pick up two of my favorite fall scents – Autumn Wreath and Frosted Pumpkin.  This house smells so good right now.  It’s making me hungry though.  Maybe it’s time for a cupcake?

OH!  I also purchased the plane tickets, made the hotel reservations and planned one of the major activities for the surprise trip I’m taking Jesse on for his 30th birthday.  I cannot for obvious reasons post all aspects of the trip here, but I hope he will love it.  I’m looking forward to four kid-free days already.  Okay, off to finish another fabulous weekend activity – laundry.  I keep meaning to do laundry during the week so I don’t have to waste weekend time, but then it seems like things are just off in the clothing department.  And yes, I realize this doesn’t make any sense at all.  Happy Sunday evening!



  1. Well I must say, after that wax, you look marvelous dahling!

  2. mmmmm. . .Elways. . .

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