This I “borrowed” from Amy. 🙂

20 Years Ago (1988):
1) I was 14 years old.
2) I ran cross country for the first time. I finished dead last at the state cross country meet.
3) I was the Student Council Secretary. I was elected on my birthday.
4) I started my sophomore year at Cotopaxi HS.
5) My three cousins who I lived with had graduated from high school and gone away so things were very lonely.
6) My first day of school outfit was a dress with a solid black top half and a blue plaid bubble skirt bottom half under a white jean jacket. Sah-weet.

10 Years Ago (1998):
1) Megan turned one.
2) I coached three sports.
3) I had been married for four years.
4) Living in small town northern New Mexico was getting old quickly.
5) My car was a Toyota Camry.
6) I was teaching high school for the first time.

5 Years Ago (2003):
1) I’d been tramping around for too long.
2) Jesse and I began to officially date.
3) We celebrated by him officially knocking me up.
4) My sister and I took the girls to Disneyland for four days and that was one of my top three vacations ever.
5) I was in my second year of grad school.
6) I finally said farewell to the biggest asshole I’d ever wasted my time with.

3 Years Ago (2005):
1) Second year at Fossil!
2) Ryan turned one.
3) We moved twice in six months. Ick.
4) Jesse started his teacher education program. Yay!
5) I technically joined theknot, even though I never posted on a board until 2006.

1 Year Ago (2007):
1) I was probably at a volleyball game.
2) In December, I bit the bullet and put a huge deposit down on our Mexico vacation.
3) We thought we’d be trying to knock me up again soon.
4) My AP students were kicking ass all over the place.
5) I cooked my first full Thanksgiving dinner. My aunt was not pleased that we didn’t come home. Bummer.

So Far this Year:
1) We had an awesome vacay with the girls and family in the Outer Banks.
2) We had an even BETTER vacay with each other in Mexico.
3) I started a second master’s degree, making me the most overeducated teacher in my school.
4) Ryan turned 4. Megan turned 11. I officially felt old.
5) We decided to NOT try to knock me up for another year.

1) I thought about grading papers.
2) I felt like I made the correct administrative decision.
3) One of what I thought was my brilliant ideas was shot completely down.
4) I stuffed my face at dinner until my stomach hurt and then felt guilty.
5) I wondered if teenagers are truly getting dumber.

1) I decided there’s nothing I can do to change others – I can only change my outlook.
2) After panicking because I wasn’t prepared for my lesson, planned another in about 5 minutes that kicked ASS.
3) I let Ryan watch a dvd because I just didn’t want to play anymore.

In the next year:
1) I’ll finish my licensure
2) I’ll be an administrator. And it would not be the end of the world if it was not at my current school.
3) Ryan will start kindergarten and Megan will start middle school.
4) We will finish the basement
5) Our travel plans include a surprise kick-ass trip for Jesse’s birthday, Disneyworld with the student council kids, and a celebratory something when I get an admin job.



  1. Hey, it’s fun, isn’t it? 🙂 I had fun reading yours!

  2. That was very cool! You are such an accomplished woman. I’m in awe.

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