So. Here is what sucks.

Being the parent of a “shared” kid is fucking hard.  I hate it.  Almost as much as I would hate being married to that man.  So while I understand that yes, I sort of made this bed, I am still allowed to complain.

I haven’t seen Megan since September 21st.  I was getting very excited to see her again tomorrow after school for the weekend.  Well.  She just called to ask if she could trade weekends because her cheer team is having a fundraiser.  A pretty sweet fundraiser – “waitressing and cooking” at a popular establishment in the town where she lives – I think I need to look into this for my little student council children…I digress.

Well, of course, how can I say no?  I can’t.  And now I can’t seem to swallow this lump in my throat.  The one that is just about to push me over the edge of this emotional breakdown I’ve been teetering on the past week or so.  This child is my soul.  She is the reason I lived through some of the darkest places I’ve seen.  I hurt.



  1. (((hugs mommy))) I’m sorry and I hope you get to see her very soon.

  2. I can’t even imagine what that must be like. I hope that it’ll be that much sweeter when you get to see her.

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