God bless my husband

Who has gone to the store to get the gear for Ryan’s Halloween costume. 

Neither one of us is a fan of this “holiday.”  I use the term loosely, since for me, Halloween ranks right up there with Valentine’s Day in the it’s-a-holiday-which-has-become-so-commercialized-that-I-can-hardly-stand-it category.  I mean, really, how many people even KNOW where trick or treating comes from?  Or dressing in costumes?  (besides you, lily)  Yes, I’m *that* guy.  You know…the one who hands out a crap ton of candy to every kid so we run out early and can turn off our lights.  I’m also the guy who only lets my kid eat like two pieces of candy a day and eats all the rest on the sly. 

Since he’s taking on this task, I suppose I could bite the bullet and take Ryan out on Friday night.  Ugh. 

Maybe she’ll get lots of Snickers and Twix.  I can always hope.



  1. Don’t worry, buddy – I’m *that* guy, too. I ABHOR Halloween, and think it’s 100% weird that adults actually dress up for this “holiday”. I won’t even go to Halloween parties because I won’t dress up, and won’t be made to feel like a dumbass or stick-in-the-mud because I won’t dress up. Laaaaaaaame.

    If Ryan gets any Rolos, will you save them for me?

  2. he he he…and I’m the guy that lets them eat all they want that night, rations one a day after that and in about 3 weeks, tosses the rest to the trash or the sales guys at work (which isn’t that far off in some cases). Good for Jesse though, I hate shopping for the costumes too.

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