My children are brilliant

I have suspected this for a long time.  When Megan was 3 and being tested for Head Start, they asked her to draw a picture of a person.  She drew it upside down.  When the woman asked her why, she said, “So you can see it the right way.”  The woman was sitting across the table from her.

Tonight, Ryan and Jesse are doing some BrainQuest cards for kindergarten.  She apparently just answered a question about something Jesse thought she didn’t know.  He said, “How do you know these things?”  Her response?  “I just KNOW!”

I’ve been thinking lately about Ryan starting kindergarten next year.  When Megan started school, it was a big deal in the traditional sense, but she’s a good student.  She works hard, behaves well, is a pretty model kid.  She likes to please people and she doesn’t question.  Ryan is different.  She has such a spirit about her – which I realize sounds completely ridiculously hippie-ish and cliched – but if you know her, you know what I mean.  And I’m afraid school is going to take that away from her.  I don’t WANT her to become a sit in your seat and be quiet and swallow information student.  But I don’t want her to be the “oh, GOD!  I have that kid this year!” kid either.   Jesse says she’s likeable enough that teachers won’t want to drill this out of her, and he’s probably right.  Between us and our 17 years of teaching experience, I can name about 10 kids like Ryan and I loved them all.  Sometimes wanted to strangle them, but loved them. 

Hey…that’s sort of how I feel about her.



  1. what kind of candy did you (‘er Ryan) get? I think of Courtney much like R. She is an old soul, talking to her is like having a conversation with a 30 year old. What to do? You gotta love ’em right?!

  2. Awww, that post made me smile. =)

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