*le sigh*

One of my favorite things to do is listen to cheesy love songs. I have a playlist on my ipod actually titled “cheesy love songs.” I’m not kidding.

I know a lot of the motivation for this comes from the many many many years I spent longing for the devotion and passion about which these songs croon, or maybe it’s just listening to Delilah as my bedtime music for three years straight? Either way, I love them all: Elton John, Phil Collins, John Denver, Air Supply…all of that crap. I LOVE IT.

Most of the time I listen to it when I’m already feeling blue – it’s a great way to get the tears flowing, and we all know the importance of a therapeutic cry. Tonight, though, I’m feeling good – I managed to get about 15 things done today, I met with my university supervisor and my principal about my internship and it was GOOD, I’m drinking wine and feeling toasty – and I’m listening to some of my favorite sap and it’s not bringing me down. All except that one…”You’ll Be In My Heart”….can’t do it. So hard.

I feel like a little background is necessary, since most people don’t spontaneously burst into tears at a song. I have always been that person who says, “just listen to the WORDS!” for a song. When I was married to my ex-controller, he actually expressed concern that I might think life should be like a song…to which I replied, “why shouldn’t it be?” (but that’s a whole other post). I’m not sure if it’s my English background, but I love lyrics. I am jealous of songwriters who can somehow capture the common emotions of humans in a way that makes sense. I wish I could do it. \ And who can really deny the power of music? How many mixed tapes have YOU made in your lifetime? 🙂 I love being able to teach songs as literature. I love taking that accessible medium and making it scholarly.

Jesse doesn’t get it. He’s a music guy. I have to force him to listen to the words. When I say, “this song reminds me of you/us,” he nods politely and listens. He tries, and heaven bless him for that. Those music people, though, sometimes just don’t understand that beautiful music can only be better with beautiful words…How can you argue that Phil Collins isn’t right when he says, “You know I love you, but I just can’t take this.” How? Or when Billy Joel describes the perfect woman: “She’s frequently kind, and she’s suddenly cruel. She can do as she pleases, she’s nobody’s fool. She cant’ be convicted, she’s earned her degree.” Or the amazing Elton John, when he can’t recall if my eyes are “green or they’re blue” (they’re brown, by the way)…does it matter when he’s writing My Song? No.

So embrace your love of the love song. I know you’ve all caught yourselves listening to KOSI-FM and guiltily changed the station. Next time, own it. Those guys really know what they’re talking about – and the best part is, we can enjoy the release without doing any of the work.



  1. You’re preaching to the choir, sister. I have Lionel Richie’s “The Love Songs” in my car CD player as.we.speak. Good God, I love that man…

  2. You are an amazing woman T. I am in your boat on the love songs. I even got Jeff crying on Trace Adkins song about Arlington Cemetary but usually it’s just me…

  3. You are an amazing woman T. I am in your boat on the love songs. I even got Jeff crying on Trace Adkins song about Arlington Cemetary but usually it’s just me…

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