Nine hours. NINE.

This weekend I went on the student body retreat. So 48 hours up in Estes Park with 37 teenagers. While this might sound like the equivalent of a root canal without anesthesia, it was such fun. It really does serve as a reminder of why I do this. The impact that I can have on kids in such a short time sometimes amazes me. However, getting five hours of sleep on Saturday night and four hours of sleep on Sunday night has just about done me in. Another plus is the bonding time with one of the other teachers at my school…do you think it’s strange for grown women in their 30s to lay in bed and talk about poop and think it’s funny? Because I don’t.

Remember the days of staying up all night? Of going home at 6 am to shower just in time to board the bus for a track meet? Of closing down the bar to go home and occupy time with um…more adult activities? Remember that? Yeah…me too. Now when I’m up past 11, I have sleep hangover. My head pounds, my hands shake, my legs are weak. So adding high altitude and emotionally draining conversations to that creates such a void in me that I can barely type this entry.

So yeah, I’m a complete puss. But I’m a complete puss who is a kick ASS leadership coordinator. And I’m also a complete puss who has FIVE DAYS OFF to recover and recuperate.


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