I really just don’t get it.

I’m watching a documentary about abortion…I don’t know exactly why I would do this to myself at this time of night, but I am.

Killing doctors, blowing up clinics, harassing women who have abortions or use birth control, passing judgment on anyone who is associated with abortions (even though God explicitly tells us not to do so) isn’t going to stop abortions. It’s just not. I simply cannot fathom the words that some people say…that if you are not a Christian, you should be executed. If you are gay, you should be executed. If you use birth control, you should be executed. Then they follow this up with “let’s return to what our Founding Fathers wanted”??? Which ones? The Puritans, who ran away from a country who wanted to kill them for not being the “right” religion? Or the ones like Thomas Jefferson who fathered illegitimate children with his SLAVES? Which ones of those should we follow?

At the core, I think a lot of this movement comes from control. Control the woman, control the money, control the family…Hm. I’ve got some control. Over my words and my actions. Over my belief system. Over my life. I worked very hard to earn it. How about you let me keep it?


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  1. A-fucking-men. Why on earth would you watch that before bedtime, my dear?

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