Major Update – Part the Deux (Christmas)

I cannot lie: I love Christmas. You know those people who love to give gifts because of the joy it brings to others? Yeah, I’m not one of those. I love getting presents. LOVE it. So I was a tad distressed this year when my husband and I decided to not exchange gifts and that we would actually not do it. Nothing to unwrap? Nothing to ooooh and ahhhhh over? Nothing to spy on to try to figure it all out? Robbing me of every Christmas tradition? LAME.

Turns out, I had a wonderfully beautiful Christmas. Here’s why: both of my children were with me. They are both happy. They loved all of their gifts. Seriously. If I could market the sheer joy on Megan’s face when she got her Camelbak water bottle, I would be able to hire someone to update my blog. Ryan is in LOVE with her Fantasia movie – courtesy Santa Claus, via the pawn shop.

Granted, the time with my family was NOT drama-free, which is typical, and Jesse and I drank more than ever just to get through it, but it was fun. Oh, and opening this aspen tree wall sculpture for which I have lusted for three looooong years from my aunt only made things better. Not gonna lie.


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