Major update – Part the One (school)

Apparently the past couple of weeks have been busier than I thought. Sorry to those of you who actually visit and care enough to read. I’ll be updating in chunks, because really? Who actually likes to read huge walls of text? 🙂

Finishing up the school semester was painful at best. It had it’s bright spots: my day visiting an elementary principal was more fun than I thought it could be, I brought home a HUGE pile of treats and gifts from my students, we did some pretty good fundraising for the spring break Disney trip. But then….FINALS happened.

I swear I don’t know what is the matter with people sometimes. These parents who don’t bother to comment about their child’s grade for three months come crawling out of the woodwork to ask questions, comment and even accuse. What I want to tell them is that if they had cared nearly as much about two months ago, their kid wouldn’t be failing. I got an email from a parent sent on Christmas EVE wanting to know why her daughter, who had about 20 absences, got a C. On CHRISTMAS EVE. Hi. I’m on vacation. Fuck off until January 5th.

I lost count of how many students asked me what they could do “to get their grade up.” Seriously? You want to know what you can do? NOTHING. Well, you could have cared in September, October, and November, you could have done that. You might want to remember that in February, March, and April. But you won’t. And your parents won’t. And I will be dealing with the “if my kid doesn’t pass, he won’t graduate” phone calls. Listen, Mr. and Mrs. Involvedjustalittletoolate, if your kid doesn’t graduate high school because he failed my one class his senior year, he’s got bigger things to worry about.

And people wonder why I drink.


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  1. I love your teacher stories! So refreshing.

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