Major Update – Part the Tres (the anecdotes)

Story #1
Three months. Three FUCKING months. That’s how long I’ve been keeping Jesse’s birthday destination a secret.

One sentence. One FUCKING sentence. That’s how long it took Jesse’s dad to tell him where we are going.

Here’s how that went down: Dear Father-In-Law:”So, Jess…you’ll be leaving for San Diego in a couple of days…” Me: “You did NOT just say that?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He felt bad. He really did. Jesse’s response?
“I knew it!”

No you didn’t, you punk.

Story #2
My cousin just turned 19 on the 24th. On the 20th, she got married. Apparently we just are supposed to nod and smile because getting married at 18 so “we can live together and not feel bad about it” is a good idea. Right. I really don’t want to do it, but I have a feeling that in five years or so, it will be hard to bite back the “I told you so.” Because I do know. Of all the people in her young life, IIIIIIIIIIII do know.

Story #3
About a month ago, Ryan got banned from Megan’s room after painting different colored stripes on Megan’s dresser with nail polish.

About two days ago, Ryan did the same thing to the wall at Grammy’s house. So much for learning lessons.

Story #4
My dad didn’t come out for Christmas – and he really had no good reason. And he wonders why Ryan calls him “other Grandpa.” He will probably also wonder why I’m pissed at him.

Story #5
Today we came home, cleaned up, did laundry and now we’re going to pack for our three-day trip to sunny San Diego. Really, I have no story here. Just wanted to brag about our trip. 🙂



  1. So jealous of your trip… so. fucking. jealous.

  2. Whoot on your trip finally happening, and boo to your FIL and the Donkos (unless you were rooting for SD anyway). I’ve been watching for you and completely forgot about the trip. So glad you had both of your beautiful dd’s for the holiday and it’s good to *see* you back!
    Happy New Year beautiful!

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