Things that I think are, for lack of a better word, stupid

*parents who email me the first week of school wondering why their child got a bad grade on the first reading check quiz. Isn’t the “why” obvious?

*that track starts in 35 days

*that the people who need to be parents often aren’t

*when I catch myself playing the role of Judgy McJudgerson

*being 25 = eating whatever the hell you want and looking hot. being almost 35 = feeling so paranoid about the size of your belly during “intimate time” with your husband that you pass your favorite cupcake store and you do not collect the equivalent of $200.

*Heath Ledger being a dumb dumb dumb drug addict

*my sister for staying married to a worthless piece of shit when she could do SOOOOOO much better

*adults who act like teenagers – in the way they speak, the way they handle confrontation, the way they try to intimidate with really weak glares from across a crowded room

*Indiana Jones Part IV

*that I can’t play Pac-Man on the xbox with an old-school joystick, so I SUCK, when really, I’m an awesome Pac-Man player

*girls who think it’s “romantic” or “right” or “wonderful” or “amazing” to get married at the age of 18. Or just because they’re pregnant

*the new “enhanced” ending of Return of the Jedi…you know…where they replaced the old Anakin Skywalker with Hayden Christensen. Don’t get me wrong, I think Hayden is H-O-T, but why you gotta try to fix what ain’t broke?

*viruses that try to take over your computer, necessitating a full afternoon of cleaning and defragmenting

*paying teachers less than garbage men…oh, sorry…sanitation workers

*sitting here trying to make decisions about things that aren’t ready for deciding



  1. Dude. I am soooooo good at Ms. Pac Man. We should have a Pac Man showdown sometime (the real game at the arcade, not the XBox game)!

  2. [quote]*being 25 = eating whatever the hell you want and looking hot. [/quote]

    Oh, I beg to differ, my friend 😉

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