Not exactly the best way

Today I got an email from one of my advisors about my portfolio for my principal license which basically told me that a bunch of stuff was wrong. Sweet. I defend it next Tuesday. It’s not major stuff, but you know what? I worked my ass off on that thing, and I’m not doing it over. I will fix the verb tenses (yes. verb tenses.), and I will provide a better explanation of three things, but I’m done. It’s done.

I talked with my principal about this today – you know, since she’s my mentor and all – and she said, “They look bad if you fail. Do what you want. They only tell you this to see how much stress it takes to break you, so that when you’re behind this desk or any of the other desks out there, you can handle a higher level of stress before you rip someone’s frickin face off.”

:::insert my shocked-at-hearing-her-say-frickin face here:::

Why on earth is this a good way to do business? I don’t push my kids until they want to kill me so that they will learn. I don’t plan assignments or provide feedback that will make them feel like they’ve been dragged under a bus. It wouldn’t be effective. You know what it would do? It would make them hate my class, hate the subject, and hate the work. Hm. Weird.

I only have a few more hoops to jump through, and this is one of the biggest ones. So I will shut up and do it. And I will slug my way through two more classes and an independent study paper. Then I will sit back and laugh while I enjoy my $50/month raise for having a second master’s degree. Can’t wait for that…makes it all worth it.



  1. It’s like nursing, we eat our young. Makes no sense but it is the culture.

  2. $50/month, huh. Wow. Sounds worth it to me…You should just take that $50 and go out with your man once a month. You ought to be able to enjoy something from all this stress! It’s go to be for you and your sense of accomplishment and your future – Congrats on being almost there!

  3. WTF?? What you said is so true T, about how your students would react, I hear it from A all the time. I’m sick for you, I bet you want to take that paper and shove it up their asses. Now you know why admin. is such a PITA and why you want to be one so you can make it a better place for everyone. Sucks out loud. I’m sorry best wishes with your paper.

  4. So – how did it turn out?

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