My baby is five

Someone please tell me where the weekend went? Seriously. It feels like there wasn’t a day off. Here’s what I’ve been up to…
*Friday was Ryan’s birthday! She’s five. I have no idea how this happened so quickly.
*I spent Saturday from 9-3:30 in the basement of the education building at CSU for the capstone seminar of the licensure program. I only got pissed about this when I found out last year’s cohort did the ropes course as theirs, and the year before that they went on a retreat. A retreat with beer.
*Ryan’s birthday party was Saturday night. Yes, 5:00 is late for a 5 year old’s party (see above asterisk). I spent too much money at the bowling alley for a child’s party, but the bottom line is I didn’t have to clean my house after having 30 people in it. I didn’t have to make any food, either – always good.
*My sister and her kids spent the night last night after coming up for the party. I love my nieces and nephew, but my GOD I can’t believe how loud a house can be with five children in it. No wonder my ex always looks so beaten down.
*This morning we all – all EIGHT of us – went out to breakfast. I fucking LOVE the raspberry granola pancake at The Egg & I. It’s healthy – you top it with yogurt.
*This afternoon I became the proud owner of a new set of golf clubs and a kick ASS new bag to put them in. I’m mostly thrilled because I might be able to start beating my husband on the golf course again. I’m also a little thrilled because I love him so much. Oh, also because I will probably be getting some in t-minus 40 minutes.

Back to school tomorrow for the first of 8 more days for seniors. In that time, my AP kids will be bitching about writing their 12-15 page research paper. The others will be giving borrrrrring thrilling presentations. I’m so glad to be missing Thursday and Friday for the state meet.

On an unrelated note, my student council president facebook-stalked all of our incoming freshmen and sophomores and found out that one of them has a mother who shares her booze with her daughter on the weekends. Guess I’ll actually be starting my week talking to the principal and the school resource officer before disinviting her to join our council. Yes, Virginia, there is something wrong with the world today.

It’s May 10 – happy birthday to Kim, Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there, and only 7 more sleeps until my birthday.


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