Off to a running start…er…finish

Today was the first day of the state track meet. Our sprint medley team went in seeded fifth and came out of prelims seeded….fifth. The good news is that they definitely did not run their best and if they have perfect handoffs and all run their best tomorrow, they have an outside shot at winning. The truth is that I’d be happy if they just got the baton around the track and finished fifth.

My other kids did okay…high jumpers finished third and tenth. Girl was seeded 12th in the 400 and finished 11th. Boys 4×800 was seeded 14th and finished 10th. Boys 4×400 was seeded 16th and finished tenth. By the way, finishing tenth at state is the equivalent of finishing fourth at the Olympics – you’re good, just not good enough (top nine place). We realized that no kids will be running on Saturday, and we’re staying over on Friday night. Oops. Really, though, this is the most kids we’ve ever taken to state, so we are excited.

I have to be honest though and tell why I’m most excited: dinner at PF Chang’s and Star Trek, an overnight at a hotel in a room ALL BY MYSELF, and tomorrow afternoon, my coaching career will be over (for now). After 14 years of coaching, I’m taking a break. I’m not sure how this will go. I’ve never not coached. When I started, I was coaching three sports a year. I never stopped. I went to two. Then one…and one is too much.

Know why? Because this is the first time in my life when I’ve been truly happy with the rest of my life. I *want* to be home. I *want* to spend time with my family. All those other years, it was something that I did to make someone else happy – I mean, I loved it, and I still do – but the heart of it was for someone else. And that’s not enough. The money is highly disproportionate to the time and effort.

Now, I can make my life about me and her and her and him…and us.


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  1. Good stuff, Tara, good stuff. I know it’s not the same but my decision to stay home has turned out sooooo good. I am glad you are in such a place in your life – where you enjoy who you are, who you are with, where you are – it’s a good thing – a blessing, for sure!

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