The new Captain James Tiberius Kirk = tasty

Home from the state track meet. Had a great time (mostly). The medley dropped the baton but picked it up and finished seventh. Boo.

The most exciting part of the weekend had to be Star Trek. I cannot find words to describe my pleasure with this movie. I LOVED IT. It’s so good. The story is good, the action is good, the acting is good, and the new Kirk? Yeah. He’s good. He’s soooooooo good.

Tomorrow’s my birthday, and I think I will be taking my husband to see Star Trek. Yum-O.


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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it was great – and he like the movie as much as you did! You are not the first person I have heard say that movie was great – and they seemed a bit surprised by it! I may have to go see it.

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