A break

From bloodwork! My level last week was 12, so the doctor said to wait two weeks and it should be to zero. I’m glad she’s letting me skip a week – I was getting tired of going. If it’s zero next week, then I need two more zeroes before I’m technically finished. Thank God. Counting down the summer one Friday at a time just really doesn’t appeal to me all that much. 🙂

On an unrelated note, I’m getting a haircut tomorrow. It’s the first time ever that I’ve actually gone back 6 weeks later for maintenance. I feel so grown up.



  1. Glad that your levels are almost to 0, Tara! Can’t wait to see you guys in about a month too! Love and Miss—

  2. Yay! i’m glad you have this weeklong reprieve, and sorry you have to do so much tedious monitoring. hang in there!

  3. Happy for you about the bloodwork! And – about the hair, LOL, I just started scheduling the next cut 8 weeks later while I am at the Salon. Yep, I felt all grown up too! It seems so…indulgent – I usually wait until I can’t stand it anymore and I have trimmed my own bangs several times! Who knew it would take us this long to feel “grown up”!!??

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