How do people?

How are people so nice? How can they not be mean? How does one learn to turn the other cheek? How can they remain calm when others are so damn self-righteous? How can they not try to get the last word? And while we’re at it, could someone please clue me in on how just the very few have been designated to be the ones to dispense all the worldly wisdom and be absolutely correct – oh, and how do I get to be one of the few? Anyone? Anyone?

I’d really like to know.



  1. I don’t know the answer to your last question, but I can venture an answer as to who does. . .:-)

    Oh, and IMO all people are mean at some point in their lives. Not everyone turns the other cheek, and certainly not everyone can remain calm all.the.time.

    We all get to choose who we trust to dispense wisdom when we need it. But, we must be careful that we don’t place people so high up on pedistals that they fail to meet our unrealistic expectations.

  2. Ummm…well, I always thought you were wise…does that help? Is there someone in particular we are talking about here? I can’t tell if you are frustrated or in awe of someone…There’s this Book I use to help me try to be nice and calm and turn the other cheek and all that…

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