I’m celebrating tonight!

What’s the occasion? Today I had what should be my last blood draw! Yippee!

So I made peanut butter chocolate chip scones. They’re a bit flour-y, but it’s my first try and I think – and Megan and Jesse and my niece Kimberly think – they’re pretty tasty. And now I’ve got breakfast for tomorrow. 🙂

This joyous news is only tainted by the start of summer session classes. I’m taking the last two over the next four weeks. One won’t be too bad, but the other? My GOD. There is So. Much. Reading. And I like to read. It’s ridiculous, seriously. And I know that the only reason I am having so much trouble is because it’s so close to being over. I think I have a serious case of senioritis. What is it called though, when it’s the end of your second master’s degree? This is the end of my 21st year of school….what kind of senior does that make me? A super super super super super super super super senior? Seventh generation senior? Fucking crazy girl who just likes to run up her student loans? Stupid senior who is already thinking about a doctoral program? *sigh* Somebody stop me.


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