So school has started for teachers. I’ve spent the last two days with all our staff. What I’d like most in the world is for students to come to school now.

This week I got to watch a grown man throw a tantrum that would make my five-year-old embarrassed. Seriously. It was like a movie. He was whining and moaning about something and as he did it, I began to picture Ryan….superimposed on him. I couldn’t believe it. Later I acted it out for Jesse, although to be fair I added a foot stomp and arm flinging to enhance the ridiculousness of it all.

Add that to the meeting that got rescheduled because one person wasn’t even IN THE BUILDING 45 minutes after contract time began – oh, and that the rescheduled meeting got cancelled and I didn’t know until I’d been waiting in the meeting room for 15 minutes – and I’m about done with adult learning.

I know I’m probably not alone; in fact, I know all of you out there deal with these same types of people at your jobs. I swear, though, that teachers are the WORST. We pick up on all of our students’ worst traits, and let’s face it, when you’re surrounded by teenagers for the majority of your day, you start to act like one.

At least I can drink. 🙂



  1. Had to laugh at your description! My sister got her first teaching job this years as a long-term sub and just keeps telling me stories about how amazed she is when the groups of teachers are together without students. Welcome to the real world, sis! People are CRAZY!!

  2. I work at a school with a teacher ed program. I have to say, my coworkers and I always comment on how needy teacher ed students are. The truth is, I think, a lot like teachers in general: the ones that are great are GREAT, but there are a lot of them that probably need a “maybe you should re-think this line of work” discussion.

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