Remember that teacher?

In my post from a few days ago that threw a baby fit like Ryan? Today, he straight pissed. me. off.

Back in February, he applied to be an assistant track coach. The boys coach and I didn’t hire him because he wouldn’t have been a good fit for our program. We moved on. Apparently, he didn’t.

Today, a colleague and friend of mine said he overheard Dicky Douchebag talking in the common teacher work area to another teacher about how terrible the track program is and it’s because we don’t know what we’re doing. He actually used my name. He used it in connection with “doesn’t know what she’s doing.” Then he went to one of my former student teachers, who competed at CSU and will make an AMAZING track coach that she probably wouldn’t get hired because “Tara and P are so hard to work with, they’ll never hire you.”

Tomorrow I will be having a conversation with him. If he thinks for ONE SECOND that it’s okay, or even CLOSE to professional, to be roaming the building talking negatively about me as a coach or a teacher, he’s got another thing coming. When he bitched and moaned about not getting hired last winter, I looked the other way because he was upset. He was angry, and sometimes when people (even me) are angry, they say things – and go talk to the principal and athletic director without talking to the coaches – they don’t really mean. But it’s been over SIX MONTHS, man. Get the fuck over it. Here’s my planned speech, with no questions or small talk: “I understand you are for some reason still very upset about not getting hired last season. I turned the other cheek last spring when I heard about your comments and concerns, even though you never bothered to pay me the professional courtesy of addressing me personally. However, now that it is six months later, I’m more than upset with the way you have spoken to numerous members of this staff – some of them who are interested in coaching track – in a negative way about my knowledge of the sport and my coaching ability. You do not get to do that, upset or not. I don’t want to hear that you have done this again.” Thoughts?

You will shut the fuck up, or I will find a way to shut you up, you fucking imbecile.



  1. I think that sounds perfect. What a freaking butthole.

  2. Well put! I think he needs a punch in the face to go with it, but that might not come across as entirely “professional.”

  3. Perfect, wish I could see you take down the butt puppet.

  4. How about one of your famous throat punches? What a douche. Go get ’em T!

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