How did this happen?

Today Ryan had her first day of school. :::insert tears of joy and shock here:::

It was an orientation from 8:30-1:00, and she nailed it. She didn’t care when I left. She was still excited when I picked her up. She’d had her backpack packed for two full weeks and was telling complete strangers about going to school. I knew she would love it.

The only glitch? See how it went until 1:00? I thought it went until 1:30. So when I showed up, she and one other boy were there. Her teacher was so AMAZING about it. I couldn’t believe I did that. I spent a good two minutes trying to convince her teacher that I’m “not that parent!” I suppose that’s karma paying me back for all that parent-bashing I’ve done. Ryan could not have cared less. She was sad to go, and sadder to find out she doesn’t go back again until Monday. I guess we did something right. Here she is in all her first-day glory – and looking at them is the only time I’ve truly shed tears today. I can’t believe how beautiful and grown up she already is:



  1. Great Scott she is adorable in her little red outfit with that big old backpack half her size. Good for her for loving her first day!

  2. She is stunning. I’m so proud of Ryan (and you) for surviving the first day!

  3. How did that get to be Ryan?! Like I said last night, I still picture her as a little 3 year old who called me “Ayah”. She’s beautiful Tara!

  4. What a cutie

  5. I love love love the second picture – she is so beautiful! Congrats on making it through the first day! (both mommy and daughter) 😉

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