I can’t take this every day

Ryan came to our school after school tonight (we had back to school night and she hung out with mom), with PAPERS IN HER BACKPACK. With STICKERS on them. *sniff* (on a side note, why do teachers stop using stickers? I think I’m going to start. Who doesn’t love a sticker?)

They’re so cute. One is her name all printed out for tracing on paper…and of course she can do that. One is practicing vertical lines…and of course she can do that. One is a remember what happened in the story and color…and of course she can do that, too. She’s BRILLIANT.

Okay, maybe not quite brilliant, but she kicks kindergarten objective ass. But I’m afraid I’m going to turn into one of those moms who frames work. Or at the very least, keeps it all. :::kicks storage box full of Megan’s kindergarten work further back under the basement stairs:::

I’m just so proud of her. I’m so excited for her. She has the whole world ahead of her, and I know she can make a true impact on the world and those around her. Her potential takes my breath away and replaces it with tears of pride. I know she will run into struggles. I know her personality will often clash with the expectation of “proper” school behavior, but my Punky is an amazing child and now I get to share her with the rest of the world.

Before that, though, does anyone know where I can get a good deal on another storage box?



  1. One alternative I have heard of is taking pictures of her work on the didgital camera, then uploading to Snapfish or Shutterfly and having a book made for each year. It think I might do that.

  2. Big Lots has amazing deals on storage bins. Just a FYI. =)

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