Only 15 to go

I’m in the midst of grading the first writing assignment from my pre-AP 9th graders. I’m not surprised, per se, but a bit disappointed. I’ve only read three (out of 52 so far) that are CLOSE to being where they should be.

Mostly, though, I’m a bit nervous. This means I will actually have to teach. I’ve been so spoiled the last four years by teaching only seniors – the ones who can write, or who, if they can’t, can fairly easily follow simple directions. Turns out that 14 year olds cannot follow directions. Seriously. I spent a full HOUR (even a fun hour!) giving notes about thesis statement writing. When I told them to write their own, it was like the notes didn’t even EXIST. They did the exact opposite of what I told them to do. What IS that? I can easily handle reteaching, or when kids just don’t have the ability, but my GOD…at least LISTEN! I finally had to shut them down (not very nicely) so they would understand I wasn’t going to do it for them. Ugh.

I’m teaching 9th grade because as a school we’ve agreed that the best teachers should be teaching them. Research shows time after time that doing this is critical in setting them up for success. I will be damned if I will back off of my expectations. They will have to rise (and some will have to sweat and bleed) to meet them. I can’t do any less.

In the meantime, I’m off to pour another drink…I’ll need it. I’ve got 15 papers left.


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