Lucky 13?

13. That’s what my number is this week, down from over 200. In a week. But I still have to go back next week and again and possibly again until it’s zero. If I were to pee on a stick right now, I’d get a big fat negative, but I’m still “pregnant.” Stupid.

As an added bonus, the doctor has said to wait so many cycles that it will be February before we can try again. February. When this all started. Awesome. We didn’t have to wait that long after the molar. Still stupid.

Don’t they know I’m old and can’t afford to wait?



  1. I can’t imagine how tough it is having to go in for draw after draw after draw. I wanted to stab my eyes out going in for the 2nd draw after the IVF BFN, and that was just one extra trip.

    If you’re not allowed to try until February, do you have to track the progress of the drops, or can you just confirm that they’re zero after a month or something?


  2. {{{hugs}}} Tara

  3. I don’t know the circumstances, but I’d get another opinion on how long to wait to try again. I know that some people have been told to wait and other experts think it doesn’t make any difference–depending on the circumstances.

  4. I guess it depends on why you are miscarrying, but everytime I did, I was told to wait 2-3 cycles – mainly for the lining to build back up. The waiting sucks, especially when you already feel like you’re running out of time. Hopefully, you won’t have to wait until February. That sounds awful.

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