What I hate (and a little bit of love)

*When people wake up one day, think “hey, maybe I’ll have another baby” and then POOF! – not only do they knocked up almost simultaneously with having that thought, but they actually STAY knocked up.

*That everyone who knows me knows something is off, but all they want to do is say “you’re really negative lately.” Gee fucking whiz, really?

*These fat rolls that appear when I sit on the couch, motivating me to do nothing more than cover up my belly with a couch pillow so I can’t see or feel them.

*Being so. fucking. broke.

*Knowing that the odds of my daughter actually wanting to move here in only 7 months are dramatically decreasing with every extracurricular she joins, but wanting her to be super involved.

*Curb Your Enthusiasm (which apparently I have no literal trouble doing)

But to be fair…I love…
*That my husband and I got in a ridiculously stupid fight last night but right now he’s rubbing my feet.
*Brand new running shoes like the ones I bought today – even though I canNOT afford them, I need them to avoid another ridiculously stupid fight.
*Planning our stu co trip to Disney World in March.
*Ryan’s 15 minute showers to “get warm”


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  1. (((hugs)))

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