My hip, Pa! My hip!

Jesse and I have this running joke about our hips going out. For some reason we think it’s funny to include the words “Pa” and “Ma” when we have this conversation. It’s a dialogue that generally occurs after a) a workout; b) sex; c) sitting on the couch criss-cross-applesauce too long. I’m pleased to announce that my hips hurt today because of d) all of the above.

You’ve probably noticed me bitching about my weight lately. I finally reached the breaking point last weekend when I attended the State Cross Country Meet and realized I haven’t been able to run like that in over a year. Ridiculous. Depressing. So, instead of coming home and drinking my sorrows away (which I did, but I did more), I went to buy a pair of new running shoes. They weren’t anything I could remotely afford right now, but I knew I needed them. I needed a reason to get back on the road treadmill.

And I did. I worked out five days this week. I did NOT drink for two nights, and the three nights I did, I had one glass of wine. I slept like the dead. I felt good about life. I took a cheat day yesterday and the only thing that really sent me over the top was the vodka (I have yet to figure out how to cut out the “it’s the weekend and I’m celebrating” drinking). I know these first few weeks will be the hardest – doesn’t it take 21 days to create a new habit? But I have to do SOMEthing. I have to take back control in at least one part of my life.

My goal? To lose 15 pounds by January 31. I know it’s almost impossible, with the holidays coming up, but I have to go big or go home. It’s only a pound and a half a week. I have to do this. I have to be healthy. I have to love myself again.



  1. I’ve needed a kick in the pants to get going. I guess I’m going to have to give it to myself. My goal is 15 by my birthday in February. It should be doable, now I just have to DO IT. Good Luck!

  2. That’s great that you’ve got the motivation and momentum! I’m still looking for mine. Good luck!

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