Most likely to throat punch someone

That’s the award that should be given to me. That, or “Prettiest Love Handles.”

Instead, I’m the proud owner of the “Prettiest Brain” on the Colorado Nest board.

Some of you have no idea what I’m talking about, so here’s a recap: There’s a web community called The Nest ( It’s the grown-up version of The Knot – where you go to plan your wedding and find out that putting registry information in invites is tacky, your out-of-town guests need gift bags, and that if your bridesmaids don’t throw you a shower AND a bachelorette party, your marriage is doomed. There’s even an offshoot called The Bump – where you learn that formula feeding, letting your kid cry it out, and using disposable diapers make you the anti-Christ of mothers. But I digress.

On the Nest, there are local boards and at one time, the Colorado board was the second busiest in the nation. I would venture we’ve had the biggest get togethers of all time – upwards of 60 or so nesties in one place. I’ve met some of my BEST friends on the knot/nest. Every year, one nestie (props to Dana!) plans our annual Holiday Cookie Exchange and this year another nestie (props to DeAnna!) revived the Annual Nestie Awards. Categories range from “Best Recommendations” to “Tree Forter Most Missed” (oh, a nice long story for another day). I was up for three categories this year: “Best Blog”, “Well-Written Posts”, and “Prettiest Brain.” A nice change from “Biggest Bitch” oh, I mean, “Most Opinionated” (props to Lily!).

And I have to tell you that while it would be nice to be the friendliest (yeah, right), or have the best hair (uh-huh, keep dreaming), or even cutest daughter (okay, that WOULD have been better), I love Prettiest Brain. I feel pretty honored, I’m not gonna lie. I realize that it’s an online community and that it’s just a fun little contest, but that kind of validation always feels good.

And even though I’m drinking it away, I enjoy my pretty brain.



  1. congrats pretty brain!

  2. I totally wrote you in from cutest daughter during the first round of voting. I think Ryan and Meg are both beautiful! 🙂

  3. Here I thought it was dirtiest brain! 😉

  4. Congrats! I think you have more than just a pretty brain. 🙂

  5. Nice long story for another day, eh? =/ Can I be a part of that post since I “won” the award?

    I totally think you have the Prettiest Brain – it’s one of the reasons I’m friends with you. That, and the fact that you are 100% the same person IRL as you are online (because as we both know, a lot of people aren’t).

  6. Congrats Tara! You totally deserve it!

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