I think I need to break up with the internets

I am aware of the paradox that such a statement creates. How can I give up the internet and still be here? I think what I really mean is I need to break up with mindless web cruising. I spend HOURS a day on the internet doing absolutely nothing of note. I get physically and emotionally upset by the things I read on my usual message boards and frankly, that’s just stupid.

Recently my friend Jill took a week-long break from the internet and survived, so maybe it’s possible… I know that not being on my boards the past few days has allowed me to read more, hang out with the kids more, get my house cleaned up, to work out consistently, and to just find more creative and useful ways to spend my time. I’m torn, though. I mean, I have good good friends on the internet. When I want an escape from reality, other people’s drama can pass a whole day. What will I do when I want to avoid grading papers when January gets here?

Well, the next few days should be a good test – I’m heading to the land of dial-up. In the meantime, if I don’t see you (even though I *will* see some of you – yay!), have an insanely blessed holiday.



  1. I have been wondering where you have been. Hope your holidays are perfect and wonderful! Merry Christmas!

  2. But it’s Christmas break! What else would you do??!

  3. Don’t leave us….. I’d miss your pretty brain. Oh, and your snark. 😉

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