Finally – vacation time

I feel like we’ve been on the road since we got out of school…mostly because we have. We went last weekend to a hot springs resort near Buena Vista. We came home for a few days, then went to the greater Cotopaxi area (Canon City included) on Wednesday. We came home yesterday. Megan came home today.

As for the obligatory Christmas wrapup – the kids got a ton of toys and clothes and makeup and I got…nuthin’ (two secret santa and a nestie angel gift excepted, of course). Which I’m strangely okay with – not happy with, because it is me after all – but it’s perfectly fine that I spent all the money on the kids. What’s not okay is that I also spent money that was specifically supposed to be for me on the kids – oh well, the Droid can wait until payday. I actually managed to fit in four workouts last week and one today. There wasn’t too much family drama and I’m torn between grateful and disappointed with that.

So we’re all here. And today, all the presents were unwrapped, all the toys put away, all the childrens’ rooms CLEANED, and the kitchen is relatively tidy. The laundry is done, the floor is vacuumed. Of course, the basement and garage are a mess – which is a symptom of being a dumping ground for all the crap from the rest of the house.

But the bottom line is that I can get my relaxin’ on. The only plans for the week? Work out in the mornings, followed by coffee sipping, reading, watching tv and a little thing called the Broncos-Chiefs game on Sunday. My goal is to be so bored by Sunday that I want to go back to school – a lofty goal, but I’m going for it.

Oh! and the other goal? The 15 pounds by January 31? I’m 6 pounds on my way. 🙂



  1. Enjoy your well deserved time off!

  2. I’m off this week too. If you’re trying to fill in some last minute boredom, we should talk. Like, on the phone and stuff. 🙂 Enjoy the time–I promise it will go by too fast!

  3. 6 pounds? Well done any day of the week, but during the holiday season? That takes a will stronger than mine. Good for you!

  4. I’m sorry – I can’t get past the phrase “greater Cotopaxi area”…. I have never, ever heard it referred to as that! LOL

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