Really? School tomorrow?

I spent today at school, too, but there were no children there, so it was actually a very nice day. I had about 146 things on my to-do list and I did about 100 of them, but those other 46 need to be done…now. Guess I’m starting out the second semester behind. Awesome. As an added bonus, this is the first spring since 2005 that I haven’t had a student teacher. You know what this means, don’t you? I HAVE TO TEACH. While I’m tired. While the kids have senioritis/spring fever/h1n1.

What was really the best part of my day happened at noon. I went for a run. Outside. And it was beautiful. I always forget that when I’m pounding on the treadmill, but I was thrilled by the reminder today. I calibrated my Nike+ sensor so I’m now officially tracking my runs. I’ve joined a challenge. I’m accountable.

I think I’m going to run a half marathon in June.


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