Where, oh where, have all my words gone?

Where, oh where, can they be?

Where have I BEEN?!?!

I’ve been running. That’s right. Actually running. Training. Working. Planning. I know that doesn’t take over my life – that there is more going on than that – but it makes me tired. Well, that’s not entirely true – it gives me more energy. But the first few weeks of working out put me into a mental exhaustion that makes me do one of two things at night: veg out to bad tv (helllloooooo again, American Idol!) or mindlessly cruise the internet (reading the blogs of people who take the time to actually write).

But it’s been three weeks or so. My longest run is almost up to six miles, and I’ve run 6 of 7 days for the last three weeks. And I’m feeling great about it. My goal is a half-marathon in May and I’m going to do whatever I can to get there. I might not lose any weight doing it (why IS that, by the way?) but at least I’ll be able to wear shorts to Disney World without frightening young children.


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