Sweet Baby Dee

Anyone? Anyone?

A teacher I work with told me about a year ago that I remind him of Sweet Baby Dee – except for the crack whore part. I’m glad he included that, because once I started watching It’s Always Sunny I realized that he was right and that he was actually giving me a compliment. I AM Sweet Baby Dee – loud, often cussing, confident, sometimes annoying, always having the best intentions. Yes, some of you might not think it’s a compliment, but knowing this guy I’m taking it that way.

That’s random, I know. I’m trying this new blogging without purpose thing. It appears lately that to get read, there has to be a theme, a gimmick, a “thing” to keep your audience around. I think that’s fanTAStic for people who can do it. It’s very effective writing. Well, that’s just too much for me. I barely have time to get out the door in the morning. I struggle to find time to run every day. I almost forgot that tomorrow is my dear friend’s divorce-is-final party. How the hell can I fully develop thematic posts every day? I cannot. Nor do I want to; I have to think about effective writing every day and trust me when I tell you it gets sooooooo old.

Besides, I started this as a place for me to write and tell stories – not to be famous or make money or have a brand. I have 18 different roles, so you get 18 different viewpoints sometimes. I might write about school, or I might write about the girls, or I might write about my running (hills today…ouch!). Or I might write about random television characters.



  1. Would I be an ass if I pointed out that she’s just Sweet Dee (not sweet baby Dee)? And I think I agree with this assessment; in the most flattering way, of course. 😉

    • Not an ass…I call her that in my head. It sounds better to me. 🙂

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