Ahhh….spring break

Here’s me…reporting live from the first night of break. The one from my “part-time job.” Did you happen to catch that snippet on (shockingly) Fox News? Teachers have part-time jobs.

I wish someone would remind me of that this week when I’m on break, but I’m grading essays. Or when I give up my comp day (the one I stayed at school late two nights to earn) to go on a retreat with the superintendent’s advisory board for free. Or when I was at school until 4:30 today meeting with parents instead of at my own kid’s dance class. Or tomorrow (you know…SATURDAY?) when I’m working all day (for free) at a track meet. Or maybe remind me of it this summer when I spend a total of three weeks traveling and working on school-related stuff.

On Tuesday morning I remarked to my husband that how I wished I could work a job where I could wake up at 7, go for a run, come back, have coffee, get ready for the day and then go to work to be there at 9. I suppose being at work at 7 until 4 or 5 or 6 or sometimes 10 just can’t compete with that 9 to 5 gig. The one where people get to leave their work at work. Where people get to enjoy their mornings and sometimes even take their kids to school. Where people can work for bonuses (what are those?!?!). Where people can put what they want on their facebook page. 🙂


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