Now I’ve done it

I just registered for the random drawing for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. In October. In San Francisco. On the weekend between Homecoming and Fall Conference. As part of a group of internet acquaintances.

I really want to get in…it would be a great motivation…I’ll meet some new friends…and it will keep me running…there’s a Tiffany necklace at the finish line.




So much for best laid plans

or even good intentions. What’s that about the road to hell?

I was super inspired to get writing again and it actually took for a few days! Yaaaay, me! But then life kicked in to high gear like it always seems to and writing took a back seat like it always seems to. I think I might start putting “update blog” in my calendar like I put my workouts so I actually do them.

Here’s my quandary for the day: What do you do when you accomplish a goal? Do you set more? Do you stop doing what you were doing to achieve the goal? I’m wondering because I’m a goal setter and I seem to get things done when I set a goal, but then what? This past year or so, I’ve set some serious goals and actually followed through:
*stay pregnant and have a baby
*run a half marathon
*become department chair
*have more sex (yes, I quantified it)
*put more into savings

There are more, but these are the highlights. Obviously, I accomplished them and some *wink, wink* are ongoing, but now what? I’ve got the five-year plan (the Ph.D. work, the principalship thing), but what about now? What can I do to find motivation? I’ve never been one to live without a plan – if you’ve been on vacation with me, you know how annoyingly plan-oriented I can be – and I feel like I’m headed there. What happens there? I stop working out. I stop cleaning house. I eat like crap. I teach like it’s my first year again. I watch too much tv. I engage in retail therapy too often.

Don’t get me wrong, living like that for a few days is okay. Being a bum in small doses does a body good. But when that’s all over, what should I do? I’ve registered for a couple of races, but I need something bigger – something not related to running. Of course, I’m going to ponder, wonder, worry about it until I come up with a plan, and I really hope it’s a plan I stick to better than the one I had to write here more. 🙂