I got to be that girl today

When I looked at my “book” to see what I had coming up this week, I knew today would be a bitch.  I had a 7-miler on tap, my annual exam, taking Megan to the airport for a 3:45 flight, parent/teacher conferences for Meg, just a day with a bunch of STUFF.  So instead of packing it all into a day with school, I took the day off.  I was free!  And I got to do things that women all over get to do: I got to drop Ryan off at school.  I got to drop Ainsley off at daycare.  I got to run at 9:30 in the morning.  I got to leisurely drink lots and lots of coffee.  I got to do a *bit* of cleaning. I got to watch Smash and *two* episodes of Glee.  I got to pick Megan up from school.  I got to take a 30 MINUTE hot shower and because it was quiet the whole time, I don’t care about the wasted hot water.

A lot of this is not very different from my Sunday mornings. But today was Wednesday.  And even though I have to go back to reality tomorrow (and be at school tomorrow until  7 and on Friday until 7 and then go on an overnight retreat on Saturday), today I got to feel like me again.


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