Mostly, I hate parents who 1) think they know what the hell even goes on my classroom; 2) think they know better than I do what class policies are; 3) think their children can do no wrong; and 4) try to bully me into changing their kid’s grade. 

Fuck you, mom.  Fuck you and your “we” in reference to your KID’S work.  Fuck you and your insinuation that I am not doing my job.  Fuck you and your fucking demand to give your kid points for something he didn’t even do.  How about you come spend five fucking minutes in my classroom before you start dropping “we”?  How about you come see and hear for yourself that indeed, the expectations are laid out clearly every single fucking day before you tell me I didn’t lay them out?

No?  Can’t do any of that?  Bummer.  Fuck you for that, too. 


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  1. …and I am no longer jealous of my friend who is an art teacher! Although she says she lucks out because she teaches at an inner city public school where the parents are pretty detached…

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