The blogging made me sick

It had to have been the random blog post, because nothing else was different.  Yesterday morning, I woke up with food hangover (or so I thought), because I ate allthedessert.  I had a brilliant plan to wake up, go to my 8:30 am dentist appointment, go for my 5-miler from the dentist’s (conveniently located 5 steps from local trail), shower, go get Megan from the airport, have lunch with a friend who I haven’t seen in AGES, and go see a couple of friends play at a local bar. 

I should have known it would all go wrong when I got to the dentist’s and the receptionist told me, “oh, we have you down for 9:30!”  Ok, really no biggie, I’ll just run now.   So I did.  And I felt craaaaappy, but again, suspected food hangover, right?  I came back to sit through the not-enough-flossing lecture and then drove home.  Where I HAD TO LAY DOWN NOW OR I WILL DIE OMG, but I had to go get Megan.  So I jumped in the hot hot hot shower (should have known…why can’t I get warm?), came downstairs, took one look at my husband and realized there was no way in hell I was going to the airport because I couldn’t really see him anymore.  I was quite literally blacking out. 

Cue the rest of the day: wishing (out loud) to die, so that the pain would stop.  The stomach cramps, the head pounding, the fact that every square inch of my body hurt.  I had some very interesting fever dreams – like the one where my legs just needed to build the David sculpture? – but really, that was a 24 hours I could have done without, ya know? 

I’m better today, but am more tired than I was post-marathon, which is a super bummer, because I was having a hard enough time staying motivated to run lately.  I don’t need anymore reasons to sit on my butt.  But I guess I’ll take this one and maybe just blog some more?


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  1. Well, that sucks! I hope you at least got some bread made and eaten (thus the food hangover? :)) before you got sick. Hope you’re back on the road running soon; we definitely need to take advantage of these warmer temps which will hopefully melt “some” of this evil white crap on the ground!

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