Wow…it’s only Tuesday?

These past few days have been crazy whirlwind busy!  We started on Saturday with the state cross country meet, which made my back hurt and my guilt at not running enough spike.  Sunday we stood in line at CSU for three hours, but we got this, so I’m okay with it:

Talk about energizing my desire to vote!  I was nearly in tears because the gravity of the moment we are in took my breath away.  However this election ends, it will be an historic moment, and I am amazed and blessed to be a part of it.  I love that this election season has created such an interest in politics and government, and even though there are waaaaaaay too many people who don’t do their research before spouting ridiculous Fox-news-driven-Elizabeth-Hasselbeck-spewing rhetoric, at least people are starting to *care*.  There might be hope for this nation, after all.

The past two days I’ve been in Aurora at Grandview High School for the state Student Council Fall Conference.  Almost 800 student leaders, 75 advisors, and one giant Monopoly board.  If that’s not a recipe for fun, I don’t know what is!  Last night we went to Ted’s Montana Grill and after almost unbuttoning my pants to relieve the pressure (instead I went to the restroom and um…deflated…), this is what my lovelies looked like:

Aren’t they cute?  Notice the girl on the left…what she and I learned at Fall Retreat is that everyone thinks she’s my long lost given-up-for-adoption-15-years-ago daughter.  Never mind the implications of that statement…it’s actually POSSIBLE that I could be the mother of a 15 year old.  Gah.  Good thing I hang out with these kids – they keep me young, other than the inevitable gray hair of course. 

Student council events are an interesting mix.  Silly songs, family groups, advisor bonding, song fest, magic notes – all things that in principle sound pretty effing lame.  Turns out these have been some of the best parts of my professional career…BUBBLE GUM!  Bazooka, bazooka, bazooka…. 🙂


Why do they think I’m stupid?

Today during my after-lunch class, this conversation took place after I saw a student get up during a group assignment to turn in his homework (that I saw him working on just 10 minutes before) an hour late (I don’t accept late work for credit).

Him: “what? I didn’t know we turned it in.”

Me: “Maybe if you got to class on time, you’d know.”

Him: “Yeah. I was only like four minutes late.”

Me (after a look that pretty much said, you DUMBASS!): “I just wonder how much of that you had done when you got here and how much you just did.”

Him (indignant! how dare I accuse!): “I just pulled it out of my book!”

Me: “No, you didn’t.  Just put it in the trash.”

Him (under breath): “whatever.  so stupid.”

NO, pumpkin.  You are stupid.  I saw you.  You lied to me.  You are tardy every. single. day.  You need a haircut.  I have a headache.  You AREN’T GOING TO WIN.

As an added bonus, it’s one less paper to grade tomorrow.  🙂

I am pretty much screwed

During a fascinating teacher meeting this morning, I somehow managed to plan a test for my AP students, read and approve a script, and make a list of eight more things to do before lunch (not including typing said test, which I’m giving tomorrow morning).

Guess how many of those eight things I got finished? ONE. Guess which one that was? “blog setup” So I suppose the morning wasn’t a total wash, but it does mean that I still have copies to make, a test to write, over 100 photo essays to grade, and two absences to “call” in.

In the meantime, I’m SUPER LOOKING FORWARD to an afternoon of hearing 18 year olds bitch about having to read “Stranger in the Village” by James Robinson – probably one of the best personal reflective essays I’ve ever read. They have been in school for 13 years now. When are they going to realize that complaining about reading really doesn’t make anyone let you stop reading. It’s English class for goodness’ sake. You’re reading in GROUPS. Get over yourselves.