She ate what?

My darling 13 month old child, the finicky one, the one who only truly likes noodles and fruit, the one who turns up her nose at milk for heaven’s sake…that one.  Yesterday, I turned in the kitchen to find her squatting down, furtively shoving Crisco into her mouth.




Well, here I am again

Thinking about how I really should write more.  I’ve been just cruising along, perusing my reader for months, every day thinking, “man, I could post about that!” and “wow, what a cool story to tell!”

The problem, I think, is that I have those thoughts when I’m a) too sleepy, b) at school, c) annoyed by my too-loud kids, or d) eating dinner.  Not really situations conducive to jumping online.  So I either need to start writing shit down or making this writing thing a part of my day.  Then there’s the whole, “I have no interest in making my blog full of pretty pictures of myself/my kids/my food/my running” thing, which means no one really wants to come around anyway.  It’s okay, everyone, I know if I could write, I sure as hell wouldn’t be doing all that grading.

So, I suppose I’ll start with this mini-update:

I’m a runnin’ fool these days.  In fact, I PR’d by 3 minutes in a 10K today.  I was happy.  My legs are tired.  In related news, I’ve lost 44 pounds since last December and NO, I’m not anorexic.  I just exercise and eat healthily.  Weird how that works.

The kids are…kids.  Ainsley’s been all over the place and into everything for weeks.  Only the last week or so has she been a happy girl – teething sucks.  Ryan is quickly morphing into the stereotypical middle child and I feel horrible for it. She starts gymnastics this week.  Megan is 14.  Do I need to say more?  14. Jesse is the best husband on the planet – there is no one better.  Don’t even try to say yours is.  🙂

School?  Yeah.  I have a job, which is a good thing.  I will be making a change in the next year, a hopefully-positive change that will move my career forward.  Stay tuned for deets.

Now I’m going to head back to school to chaperone a dance that isn’t mine so that I can use that fact passive-aggressively the whole. rest. of. the. year.  So…no, I haven’t grown a heart.  🙂